I always find myself day dreaming of a new project, fun hobby or next epic adventure.  All of that has ultimately been the foundation for A-Frame, a place where I can take on projects that hit a little more close to home and most importantly are something I am really passionate about.  Durable and resilient design that has a beautiful aesthetic, strong presence and timeless style.  That is what A-Frame stands for, and that is the what I want to convey when people see my work, products...or how they would even describe me.

I look to my experiences and adventures for inspiration, and growing up in Southern California has privileged me to having direct access to some of the most unreal places I have ever seen.  The Eastern Sierras are really where I come alive and have sparked some of the most memorable times, along with some of the raddest ideas or concepts.  Rugged, yet sunning.  Strong, yet gentle.  They posses all the traits that are A-Frame.  If you've ever wondered where the last best place really is, drop me a line and I'll show you.  Head due east.


Baldface tenure, Nelson B.C.

Baldface tenure, Nelson B.C.


Adventure may hurt you, but monotony will kill you.



As I have grown over time and found myself designing and working more, I have struggled with trying to keep up with my true it fly fishing the Eastern Sierras, or exploring the landscape in winter via splitboard, or even just shooting film and experimenting with photography.  Below is just a little place to help document it and encourage me to continue to explore in all I do, I hope you enjoy it too.